it’s the only thing that has all the girls drooling, pouting, and grinning beyond belief as they lavishly desire what’s hot and what’s totally in

whether its that “little black tempting dress” on isle 6 at F21

those adorably exotic leather rimmed red and beige lace up open toe booties at ALDO

the heavenly and divine gold bangles and matching earring set from LC and Vera Wang

and you are set to walk out your door knowing anyone with any type of fashion sense

would stop and admire you…giving you a mentally “high five” and a “wow, you totally rock that outfit”

and then there are times…

where you take what you see, what you know, what you like and what you don’t,

people watching counts too…heck i know i do it on my outings at Starbucks

in the watching of old flicks, classic ones, and the non ones too

it’s in the little details

in the small portrayals of art

in the ordinary pieces that went out of style or came back in style

it’s in the mixing of colors and shades, tones and their distinctions

in the cut, the shapes, the angles and lines

it’s also in the playing around in your wardrobe like you did when you were little

pairing old weathered down blue jeans with bold flashy blazers…casual and business wrapped into one

yellow dressy shorts, tank top with beads and sequince, old comfy and scruffed brown boots

it’s you and what you what you make of your own style

.fashion wardrobe.

brings our style to life in this amazing fashion craze event

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 drapes us with casual commodity with cropped tee’s and excruciatingly short shorts

::i ❤ fashion tee and shorts  &  girl not toy tee and shorts (t-shirt and shorts only)


style to watch, imitate, and fall for


❀ ✿ ❀



glamss us in splendor and glamour for an unforgettable and enchanting evening worthy of a red carpet affair

Black (Top and Flexi Skirt only)  &  Velvet Flower (Top and Jeans only)


seductive elegance spins us out of control for grunge casualness



❀ ✿ ❀


*:Alchemi Scenes:* 

gears us up in camo safety…a soldier in the making…honor, valor, for the red.white.and.blue

TWD God Forgive Us (Long sleeve Top, Camo Jeans, and Shoes only)


Fight for luv of country, Fight for truth, and Fight for luv of style!

❀ ✿ ❀



delights us with a flirtatiousness and accessorizes in sparkly heels to die for

Come and Get It T-Shirt  (knotted t-shirt) & Mia Studded Pumps (studded pumps)


attitude: i’m a princess * style: diamonds on me feet? just studs, dollface!



❀ ✿ ❀



charms us from the crown of our heads to the soles of our pedicured feet

Giselle (Hat, Blouse, Skirt, Heels and Glasses)

fashionwardrobepartbb11asummer sun…check :: summer sensation…check :: summer fling…double check!

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.Forbidden Closet Designs.

stuns us with sophistication and exuding simple elegance

Minty Fresh (Dress and Heels)


wind in her hair, sunshine on her lips, and a sweet lilt in her step…

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Well mah messie bishies…

this concludes this section for .fashion wardrobe. 

fashion…style…defined in one little spot…!

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