I’m The Best You Ever Had


it’s the only thing that has all the girls drooling, pouting, and grinning beyond belief as they lavishly desire what’s hot and what’s totally in

whether its that “little black tempting dress” on isle 6 at F21

those adorably exotic leather rimmed red and beige lace up open toe booties at ALDO

the heavenly and divine gold bangles and matching earring set from LC and Vera Wang

and you are set to walk out your door knowing anyone with any type of fashion sense

would stop and admire you…giving you a mentally “high five” and a “wow, you totally rock that outfit”

and then there are times…

where you take what you see, what you know, what you like and what you don’t,

people watching counts too…heck i know i do it on my outings at Starbucks

in the watching of old flicks, classic ones, and the non ones too

it’s in the little details

in the small portrayals of art

in the ordinary pieces that went out of style or came back in style

it’s in the mixing of colors and shades, tones and their distinctions

in the cut, the shapes, the angles and lines

it’s also in the playing around in your wardrobe like you did when you were little

pairing old weathered down blue jeans with bold flashy blazers…casual and business wrapped into one

yellow dressy shorts, tank top with beads and sequince, old comfy and scruffed brown boots

it’s you and what you what you make of your own style

.fashion wardrobe.

brings our style to life in this amazing fashion craze event

❀ ✿ ❀



 drapes us with casual commodity with cropped tee’s and excruciatingly short shorts

::i ❤ fashion tee and shorts  &  girl not toy tee and shorts (t-shirt and shorts only)


style to watch, imitate, and fall for


❀ ✿ ❀



glamss us in splendor and glamour for an unforgettable and enchanting evening worthy of a red carpet affair

Black (Top and Flexi Skirt only)  &  Velvet Flower (Top and Jeans only)


seductive elegance spins us out of control for grunge casualness



❀ ✿ ❀


*:Alchemi Scenes:* 

gears us up in camo safety…a soldier in the making…honor, valor, for the red.white.and.blue

TWD God Forgive Us (Long sleeve Top, Camo Jeans, and Shoes only)


Fight for luv of country, Fight for truth, and Fight for luv of style!

❀ ✿ ❀



delights us with a flirtatiousness and accessorizes in sparkly heels to die for

Come and Get It T-Shirt  (knotted t-shirt) & Mia Studded Pumps (studded pumps)


attitude: i’m a princess * style: diamonds on me feet? just studs, dollface!



❀ ✿ ❀



charms us from the crown of our heads to the soles of our pedicured feet

Giselle (Hat, Blouse, Skirt, Heels and Glasses)

fashionwardrobepartbb11asummer sun…check :: summer sensation…check :: summer fling…double check!

❀ ✿ ❀


.Forbidden Closet Designs.

stuns us with sophistication and exuding simple elegance

Minty Fresh (Dress and Heels)


wind in her hair, sunshine on her lips, and a sweet lilt in her step…

❀ ✿ ❀

Well mah messie bishies…

this concludes this section for .fashion wardrobe. 

fashion…style…defined in one little spot…!

❀ ✿ ❀



have you ever seen a movie that has kept you up for days? or when you eventually zonk out only to have your eyes peel back open at the sound of the floor creeping or unsettling, the door of your master bedroom just opens a notch, or you swear you heard someone running? and what really has you gripping your sheets over your head is the dip your bed makes when a person sits and no one is physically there?

well this weekend i took my goddaughter to see the movie .the conjuring. and let me tell you my goddaughter and i were holding each other like lifelines, and thus i haven’t been able to sleep since saturday night…or rather in spurts…here and there…my eyes are afraid to sleep, and even my melatonin droplets adoringly sit on my vanity table.

of course mix in the chaos we all call daily life, the stressors, the burdens and sufferings…takes a toll on anyone after awhile.

if i go all psychologist mode, i bet i could define what the real problem is…but that would highly boring and i would even attempt to zone out

so let’s get this show on the road

let’s make it obvious

☆   .fashion.  ☆

makes us all go a little mad


DaZeD DeZineZ


Equipped with Dress and Mile High Black Boots


.fashion wardrobe.

a stylish and glamour enticing event hailed for all fashion-holics out there adorning themselves in immaculate taste

you can’t go wrong with this bombshell masterpiece

you’ll have them at your beck and call, they’ll be downright smitten,

you’re look will be legendary

like a princess in a fairytale


the startlin’ diva who is captivating and alluring, takes care of herself

she jets off on vacation to secluded islands in search of magical organic products that keep her looking timeless and young

for some of us it’s a trip to .europe. at some spa resort near the beach, in a vintage house that offers us body massages, body wraps, perfumed scented baths in .victorian. looking tubs that make us squeal in excitement, after being lathered with flowers and wisps of this and that.


so don’t tarry to long, pack your bags, hop on a plane, and go across the country and enjoy yourself

after all we only have one life to live

and i think the wisest words my mother has ever given me was

you work right? (i respond yes, i do)

well then might as well buy what you want, get what you want. (i look at her with a puzzled look)

you want a brand new car? get one. you want to go to Italy, go…

what’s stopping you? from doing the things you want? you work, you get paid…so do it…do you.

and you know what

in that instance she was totally right!



.DaZeD DeZineZ.


make your dreams come true


I wanted to do something different for fashion wardrobe 

I wanted to highlight this design and the designer the gorgeous Heydra Starfall for being super patient with me as I botched up with my blondieness 

she’s a real treasure and it’s an honor having her at the fashion wardrobe event and a pleasure to work with

so thank you Heydra Starfall 

for the masterpiece you designed with all of us in mind

So loverlies, hit up fashion wardrobe and grab this must have design!!!


if you require any other .fashion credits. please hit me up on facebook or inworld and I’ll be only too happy to provide you with them

..:::Its Only Just A Dream:::..

my dazzling bishies

it’s nearly Friday and I can already taste Cavit’s Moscato wine on my lips watching some dish network show with my feet plumped up on pretty little dainty pillows, only to have to wake up early to make another work event.

these days just don’t last long!

i’m glad to be heading out of town the following weekend to port arthur, texas….yes bishies this bishie is bound for the beach

i don’t know what my fascination is with ports and sailboats, the smell of sea in the fresh brisk air, the taste of salt frothing at the tip of your tongue savoring each delicious sensation as your toes sink themselves deep into cold wet sand flirting playfully with your cute manicured toes.

places like these definitely spark creativity which i will use through my wifi cam to capture moments and artistic representation

any how enough of my boring chit chat and back to this amazing event

.fashion wardrobe.

commands our attention for this round

bringing you sensational masterpieces that leave little to the imagination and highlight the detail behind each designer

thank you to all those wonderful designers who always bring us a piece of who they are in each creation

we definitely appreciate the beauty you design

you turn “that little girl in all of us’s” dreams come true

we will feel the biddity biddity boo, biddity biddity boddity bom like cinderella at the ball

the magic of a carpet ride affair that jasmine embarked on

and the fairest of them all as snow white’s beauty


.::Pink Sugah::.


Mercy * Red&Black & Colours

Corset Top Only

a sophistication designed for the bombshell diva in all of us…keeps us all wanting for more!



Brecon Hiking Shorts * Purple & Scarlet

Shorts Only

inspires us with simple stunning casualness…a playful naughtiness hinted in a resounding hush



Rockabilly Red

Dress Only

tempts us with a sexy flashback in time…pinup girls would have nothing on you, girlz!



1st Class

Vest, Gaucho Pants, and Undershirt (not shown above)

hipnotizes in such a fine exotic taste…this is the girl all the men want, crave, and can never have…a woman of the world!



Lusty Maroon

Dress and Boots Only

captivates in this after hours stunner…when she walks, you hear Danity Kane’s “Bad Girl” humming in your head


Forbidden Closet Designs

Summer Buckle: Zebra Dress and Heels

Dress and Heels Only

adorns us with zebra inspired print that is worthy of a woman’s purr…*insert purr please*



Yasmin Teal

Top and Jeans Only (Jeans shown without cuffs)

immaculately makes any woman sigh in adulation with this amazing design…a true perfection

This concludes our first part of round B

.fashion wardrobe.

Many deals…Designed for all of us in mind

Fashion Credits were omitted due to the event…to submit a request for a specific item please contact me via

Dahlin Essy on Facebook


Mizzesmee Resident inworld



:O.o: Tell Me Whot You Want :o.O:



Tell Me Whot You Want

grrr. *as her body slumps forward and her head hits the keyboard*

it has been an interesting week…but i won’t bore you with all those nitty gritty details of juggling my career, going back to school for my masters and phd, family drama, and the joys and joys of dating life!

so i’m going to just jump on in…and give you some news


introduces us to this glorious and peachy tanned skin


it’s adorable eh?

and those freckles on your cheeks are just down right jovial, stunning, and flirtatious!

LOGO !BaaaH!

Visit and Join !BaaaH! today

Visit !BaaaH! online at MP


Other contributors include: Belgravia, MANDALA, R.icielli, 7981., RYCA, Truth Hair, Eyelure, and Glamorize

I hope you enjoyed this fashion display


i’m praying things will be back to normal by tomorrow night after my date lol

huggsies and snuggsies



Sometimes there are things things in life that bog you down and hold you back

it’s time to cut them off and sail freely, soar highly, and live abundantly

with a plethora of possibilities out there it might seem fearful or daunting

but grope life by the bull horns and give it a hell of a great ride!

This blogger


Fashion Wardrobe Part 3

showering you with designer apparel, accessories, and other designs that need to be arrayed fabulously in your closet!

These items presented here are must have items…perfect for every shape, skin, and fashion-a-holic!

Let’s take a glance at inspiring ways you can make these darling designs shine immaculately and to a perfection for the new YOU!

Fashion Gloss Party Commences Below

Enter The Messieessie World



♥«´¨`•°  :::MS::: Artifacto  °•´¨`»♥


Lourdes [New]


Fan yourself in impeccable taste by taking it back to 1920’s when Flappers were idolized and stunning! Gems should stand  out lavishing you in expensive glamour, coiffed pillbox hat that frame your face beautifully, heels that speak volumes, showstopping eye shadow and bold audacious lippie smack to command attention!


•.★*…          ~~*B(.)(.)BIE TRAP*~~         …*★.•

Stars N Stripes


Adorn yourself in American Patriotism, sporting the big red, white, and blue! Mix the blues by dangling some gaudy bold earrings, add star sassiness on the crown of your head, and red bangles to balance the color combo’s. Be proud, be sensational, and mayhap even an American team will recruit you as a cheer~gal!


♪ ♫ıllıllı♪ ♫                       !FAPPY.                 ♪ ♫ ıllıllı♪ ♫

Tango Tattoo’s Henna Style No. 2


Don’t want a permanent ink stamp? Go for a Bollywood make over…henna inspired of course! It radiates off your skin, fresh, neat, and so Asian according to many sources! Don’t be afraid to show it off at the beach this summer by uncovering your bitties *giggles* or go to a night club, juice up the dj, ask for your fave song, and just wait for the flutter of male attendants to come whistling you away for a hip hop/techno beat dance!


✿*゚¨゚✎・✿                ~PURE~              ✿*゚¨゚✎・✿

Cardigan Emerald Mesh 


Who every said you couldn’t be silly and goofy while trying on your new items? Unpacking gifties for yourself has a highlight all on its own. Your new LV clutch, Toms, Skinny Jeans, Girly Bow, and who can ignore such a bright cardi could hug your curves so fabulously?


♥ † ♡                 *~~B(.)(.)BIE TRAP~~*               ♡ † ♥

Allo Mum 


British Fashion is all a rage, even for us Americans! I was in London this past year and I can honestly say I left my half my heart there and half in Ireland…Europe you sure captivated me once more and I’ll be seeing you again! Rock Out Girlfriend! Add a mic, a keyboard, and sing your lil heart out, because your UKain~ fashion is simply to die for!


(¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯)                   ~PURE~                     (¯”•.¸*♥♥♥* ¸.•”¯)

Strapless Body Suit (Masoon)


Scandalous! This is the girl who doesn’t play, who goes after what she wants, isn’t afraid of the world, and takes what she wants when she wants! She pleases herself, as the world craves, desires, and lusts after what they can’t ever get!


Her eyes tell her story, shading the darkness in lace, lips so temptingly lush in blood reddish hue, and boots that walk a mile high, she is the fantasy you will always dream about, she commands that you bow before her, she will be your queen, your all but only in dreams!


♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪              :::MS::: Artifacto             ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

Suede Mini  FP


Add a clutch handbag, gold yellowish jems, a splash of two-toned colored heels to add contrast and the guards will fall to your charms!


Hope you enjoyed this presentation…mwahzies


My 3rd Logo

fappy star logo


A special thank you to our sponsors for making this event a fabulous success

Part 4 will be out tomorrow!!!

mwahzies mah messie bishies….see you in the A.M.


.:i’m SO sick OF your BS:.



.:i’m SO sick OF your BS:.

I wish I knew what to say to you

You keep telling me lies

You lead me on…it’s all BS

It’s – No BS – Tuesday mah bishies

Stand up against it, laugh at it, kick it in the shins, just don’t accept it!

This stunning display today is a featured item



Dana Total Skin ::: Brown Light Blue Eyeshadow Total


It’s seductive and perfect for our hot summer weather

A day in the sun, time for surfing and goofing off with your friends at a Beach Party!

Get The Look


Shape: Tory        -=V=-

Eyes: Eyes 29        – DAMNED –

Lips: Parted Lips 2       [Moosehead]

Hair: Return Rich Browns      [e]


Bikini:  Teeny Kini’s Set 5      *HolliPocket*

Bare Feet: Mary Tip Toe Bare Feet   T A R A Shoes


Facial Piercing: Weakness Unisex Piercing      .Pekka.

Necklace: Dangerous Triangle Necklace Emerald       MiWardrobe

Earrings & Bangles: Diamond Studded Bangle/Earring        ~*BaUbLeS!

Ring 1: Dangerous Triangle Ring Emerald        MiWardrobe

Nails/Ring2: Bracelet/Ring/Nails Wolf Silver        [MANDALA]

Horns: Spring Antlers        *Tentacio*


Summer Time:  D.Luxx Poses

*beach ball prop included in poses*




LOGO !BaaaH!

:She’s Just A Small Town Girl:


:She’s Just A Small Town Girl:

“Retire Threads Not Trends,” a headline bold and efficacious that threatened to pop out of the crisp new page of my monthly subscription of In Style Magazine. I read every word and every fashion tip that it boasted proudly. So you take your favorite trends from winter and transform them into summer rages!

I thought to myself, “I’m gonna do that!”

Let’s start with this amazing ensemble on the spotlight today!

Enjoy loverlies

Featured Skin Designer and Design

❤ 7 Deadly S[k]ins ❤


❤ Vanity Skin B4a Skintone 1 ❤



Simply Stunning

Exquisite and Elegant

!Get the Look!


Shape: Tory  plus Browshaper 1        -=V=-

Eyes: Eyes 29       – DAMNED –

Hair: Jessica Black Ombre 1      .:{Rumina}:.

Eyeliner: Black Eyeliner Series 3       MONS

Lips: Parted Lips 2      [Moosehead]


Top: Grey Women’s Vest & Belly Tee      .:SS:.
Sweatpants: Baggy Sweats White        [M.O.W.]

Converse Shoes: Sneakers Black 2      ! M&E ! *NLL*


Earrings: GLS Black      -RYCA-

 Facial Piercing: Weakness Piercing Unisex    .Pekka.

Bangles: LTR Heart Silver/Black      -RYCA-

Ring 1: Knuckle Duster Gothic Ring Silver      :FANATIK:

Ring 2: Bitch Ring Purchase Container        RO

Nails: Long Nails Set /Basic Skin Nails           [MANDALA]



❤Visit and Join 7 Deadly S[k]ins Today❤

❤Express Shop at 7DS Online


~~~ mwahzies ~~~

…::::And Then She Grew Up::::…

╔═.♥. ═════════════════════════╗


╚══════.♥. ════════════════════╝

in collaborative effort uniting various designers

a Fashion Runway of Designs does homage in presenting the audience with stunning apparel

It’s an immense honor and privilege to be a part of an event of this magnitude, to recreate in a sense, our own fashion sense/twist of their masterpieces. 

Enjoy the show in full swing and splendor!

Full credits are available for those who ask, otherwise as this showcase will display featured items they will be omitted









dominates in this runway display of fashion, with simple elegance and luscious rich color







adorns us with a full throttle of sexiness allure and a slight hint of “she’s a bad baaad girl”

:: Whore ::







lavishes us with a classic edge in seductive lingerie that will make you the greatest of teasers or your lovers’ number 1 fan







taunts us with charming accessories as these ankle cuffs will seek to sparkle all the way home and everywhere you flaunt them!

.: Safari Ankle Bling :.







dotes us with extreme perfection showcasing a unique and adorable shape that will have any girl heart sighing with resounding pleasure




and lastly but not least…one that spoke to the inner punk-grunger in me





 captivates us in such saggy ~ skinny jeans tombish yet girly, yet bishie with an attitude when our boxers want to show off as well!

::Legend Unisex Black Zebra Pants::




..::RIOT stoppah::..



..::RIOT stoppah::..

Mah Messie Bishies

I bring you this utterly fabuchaotic sexyness

SanToki Mainstore & ::Anonymous:: Mainstore 

lavishes us with these cutesh shorts

Harper Garter Mesh Shorts in Riot

equipped with 5 mesh sizes 


To pair them up, I went for punk rocker thanks to an amazing friend of mine, who I call goobernoob *giggles at Sy*

So to do homage in his honor I decided everything had to holler “Punk Rock Riot Starter or Stopper”

Raw House was perfect in their edgy appeal in their Light Brown Shades hair, Lightning, while Duck Nipple flirted in perfection in its Mesh Viva Collar with color hud application. Miasnow showed off in its punkish flair with bold, flashy, and almost gaudy tauntish eye shadow. Corvus and Death Row Designs displayed impeccable taste in their Heart Short Top and Platform Non Rigged Boots with hud application. Our accessories also played a part in our overall look, all thanks to Yummy, Insanya, Damned, Poudre, Perle, Pekka, KM, Glow, Al Vulo, Cobrasive, Custom Inkz, Omen and RO.

I hope you enjoyed the looked as much as I did putting it together for you!

If you need specifics on an item I’ll be more than happy to provide it  but as my feature item is the Harper Garter Mesh Shorts, I’m omitting the extra credits.


Visit and Join SanToki Mainstore & ::Anonymous:: Mainstore Inworld!


Express Shop at SanToki Mainstore & ::Anonymous:: Mainstore Online!

enjoy mah loverlies until next time

big big huggles



::Give Me A Reason To Say Goodbye::


, ,


Mah Messie Bishies

It is one of those weepy mopey days where being a women is almost a curse…everything makes you cry or teary eyed… and when they ask if you are okay, your bottom lip begins to quiver and your eyes fill all over again and you wonder if your’e dying for making puddles on the ground.

My day isn’t quite like this but it is getting there, maybe it’s the dreary day, the thought of having our first holiday without my grammie, or my hormones are really out of whack!

I was sitting here listening to Tank’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,”

All I could do was babble as my eyes filled, realizing I will definitely be picking up two bottles of wine tonight on my way home from work.

Some fine spirits to dull the ache one feels is sometimes a good option!

Before I bore you with my continuous babble…

let me introduce you to some charming elegance and chic shorts designed by


Bovary Shorts in Pink

Item comes in available colors of green, bronze, red, grey, beige, black and pink and in five mesh sizes


Aren’t they just hott?


To Die For?

I’m in love with them that I got every pair and in every color!

The shine on them is just perfect making me feel soooo incredibly sexy in them and so can you!

Make sure you visit and join {ViSion} inworld


Express Shot at {ViSion} onine

Hope you enjoy!

As the Bovary Shorts are my feature item, I will not include the other credits, if you need some assistance please let me know and I’ll grab them for you!



Last piccy is a double take…yes I stripped in the earlier picture shoots, sometimes you gotta have fun and stir things up!

I loved both looks, but wanted nothing to diminish the look of the shorts when I showcased them off to you all

Enjoy … Enjoy … Enjoy


more to come soon!