She’s On The Radio


The ever lovely Tarah of Pink Sugah magically brings you a defined perfection design in this cute and sexy as hell lil number!

One question for you loverlies…what makes you feel incredibly spontaneous and outrageously sexy? Are they your hookah heels? Satin, Lace, Silk Lingerie? A naughty garter set? Nude bare lips on a painted face? Freshly manicured hands/toes, perfume lathered over every pleasure point on your body? Lightly scented soap and bubble bath? Slow dreamy love making? Rough-over the edge,-wild,-chaotic-mind blowing sez?, Or slipping into something sexy like this lil mini dress that will surely bring out the foxy foxy shewolf inside you from hiding? You know what I’m talking about! I know you do…because for most of us…it’s all of the above.

As for me, I would feel bold, wicked, daring, and rightly invincible in all the things I mentioned. And I know so would you! So let me show you how and why I chose to dress this dress with a lil oomph! *grins*

The dress itself makes the statement…The colors are bold, brilliant, but soft and slightly muted. The polka dots add character, making one halt and exclaim, “Honey, I’m the foreplay!”

Kick this sexy bombshell look up a notch by going with a grunge choppy foreign almost messy updo…or for a more laid back casual…soft wave curls to add a funky volume to frame your face.

Accessories can be big and ostentatious or barely there. You want them to be admired too!

For the shoes to show off those darling new pedi toes, add some chuck, platformed styled high heels. The higher the heel the better…pretend you’re on your way to the Catwalk! *Meowww*

And after you’re all set..hit that karaoke bar and make sure you get noticed! Be the one many will remember… “She’s On The Radio”

Thank you to the beautiful Tarah for another fabulous design…make sure you go get this now!

Enjoy Loverlies

❤ Essy

B  O  D  Y

Shape: Anna

Skin: Julia Intense Night (Al Vulo)

Eyes: Clear Eyes 02 (Little Romi)

Hair: 13 Umber (S)

M  A  K  E  –  U  P

Eyeliner: Love My Eyes Liner and Mascara (BOOM)

Eyelash: Lashes 08 (Ri)

Lip: Cherry Pouty Lips (Jinks)

O  U  T  F  I  T



Dress 1/2: Valerie Red and Black Pack

Dress 3/4: Valerie Pinks Pack

Shoes: Sassy Extreme Top Platform Shoes Full Jeans Black (Tara)

A  C  C  E  S  S  O  R  I  E  S

Earrings: Pushpa Earrings Black (T)

Nose Ring: Diamond Nose Stud

Bracelets: Agam Black (T)

P  O  S  E  S     &     P  R  O  P  S

Poses: Vintage Sugar Smacks (DLP)

Scene: Homemade Scene Prop (Mine)

Prop:Product Samples (SH)